About www.beachside.org…

I’m rebuilding www.beachside.org, I’m really new at WordPress so please bear with me!  I hope to get all I had on the old website back on here and I REALLY hope much much more.  Aunt Betty’s Photo Album most of all as that was a favorite.

The photo above is the home place where my mom grew up in Le Center, Le Sueur, Minnesota.

The background which you can’t see much of so I’ll add it below is in Oneonta, Otsego, New York along the Susquehanna River from when I visited Sept of 2012 when attending Dog Camp at Glen Highland Farm with Georgie;  my dad’s family the Chauncey’s and the Ripley’s both came from beautiful Otsego County, New York.

2012-09-14_08-30-28_761 Along the Susquehena

Why www.beachside.org?  Back in the last millennia in 1998 I turned one of my homes in Satellite Beach into a Vacation Rental.  I was a little more ambitious back then and I wanted a webpage for it, thus the name www.beachside.org… not exactly a family history type name.  However my family likes to drop in now and then and look at Aunt Betty’s photo album and they know how to find it so I’ve kept it alive all these years.

But I digress…the Vacation Rental business wasn’t my cup of tea so the home was rented out long term and I decided to devote the pages to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society; so if you end up here when researching Sea Turtles..that is why.  They eventually got their own domain so my Family History website was born and then languished untouched for about 14 years until now.

My hope is to now add bit by bit, family history which has become my endlessly fascinating hobby & passion.  So there you have it, the history of www.beachside.org.  It has over the years helped a few people find there way back to their family, and it’s been great to hear from distant cousins.  carole@beachside.org